COLDPLAY MOTS show Brussels - Stage

"Coldplay stage has touch of Limburg: steel company TCS from Houthalen makes special constructions." - VRT News

Tonight is Coldplay's final tour concert in Belgium, and the band's stage has a touch of Limburg. The special construction on the stage was built at the request of the Belgian stage builder Stageco by the steel company TCS from Houthalen. 

TCS, Timmers Cranes and Steelworks, is a steel fabricator and constructor of hoisting equipment from Houthalen-Helchteren. The company also regularly works as a subcontractor for Belgian stage builder Stageco. That is when special steel constructions are required, such as the stages for world stars like the Rolling Stones, Rammstein and Coldplay. 

"These are always very specific constructions," says CEO Bert Zimmerman. "They are special, architectural constructions which are very complex and have to be able to be assembled worldwide. What is important for Stageco is that the assembly and disassembly of the stages can be done quickly and accurately," he clarifies. 

These are without a doubt particularly nice references for TCS to help build stages for Coldplay or Rammstein.
Bert Zimmerman: "We are enormously proud to be able to contribute to these constructions. Unfortunately commercially we are bound by a certain secrecy there. It is important for us that it is a continuous learning process, to refine things, and to solve the challenges Stageco presents us well each time. And so we keep growing our expertise in those matters." 

"When we tell new clients or employees that we do this kind of work, we do see wonderment," Zimmerman gloats. "When we show them photos and share that we're working on that, we do see looks of wonder on the other side, which helps us substantiate our commercial story." Making those stage structures themselves also provides the company with a lot of work. 


Source: Radio 2, Ilse Suffeleers -