Expertise and ingenuity applied to your project

No material quite embodies so much strength and ambition as steel. It is sleek, strong and very flexible. Virtually anything can be built in steel. Virtually anything? Sure, but it requires solid expertise and a lot of practical ingenuity.

We offer all these engineering skills combined with the kind of ingenuity that comes from extensive practical experience. We don’t back off from tough challenges such as unusual architectural designs or technically complex structures. We analyze draft or preliminary designs thoroughly, even those that seem straightforward. Our engineering office scrutinizes every aspect, and optimizes the details in compliance with international standards. Our engineers also have wide expertise in vibration and fatigue issues as well as welding and assembly techniques. They are constantly in communication with our highly qualified workforce to avoid unpleasant surprises in the workshop or on site. In this way, we can also keep an eye on your costs.

Because your idea is paramount, even when it’s complex

Industrial steelworks

Design, engineering, manufacturing and erection of industrial steel structures

Revamping steelworks

Renovation of existing industrial steel structures

Architectural steelworks

Design, engineering, manufacturing and erection of architectural steel structures

Specific steelworks

High-quality steel manufacturing for special purposes